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Don’t wait until the 2025 deadline before migrating to S/4HANA.

Ensono can deliver your SAP future today.

Looking for the right SAP-to-Azure migration partner? Look no further

451 Research backs Ensono’s credentials as a specialist in migrating
SAP systems to Microsoft Azure.
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Moving business systems to the cloud makes sense. Cloud transformation makes your organisation more agile while reducing complexity and costs.

The big question is, how can you make the shift to the cloud? And who can help you migrate successfully?

Choosing the right cloud migration partner is a critical first step. Even more so when business critical systems like SAP are involved. Businesses can’t afford interruption or for anything to go wrong that could negatively impact operations.

Ensono is the partner you need.

451 Research gives the thumbs-up

After assessing Ensono’s credentials, independent analyst group 451 Research has endorsed Ensono as a European leader for SAP to Azure migrations.

In its report, ‘Consulting, mainframe modernisation and SAP on Azure drive Ensono's European focus in 2020’, 451 Research says Ensono’s partnership with Microsoft and our Azure expertise means we are one of the best partners to deliver successful SAP to Azure migrations.

Ensono are a Microsoft Gold Partner and one of just 65 firms globally out of more than 60,000 cloud partners to have been recognised as an Azure Expert MSP. In addition, Ensono were recognised as Microsoft Datacenter Transformation partner of the year for 2018.

451 Research notes that Ensono’s positioning as a hybrid cloud services provider with a focus on consulting meets the needs of the market. It also cites our plans to build out our capabilities to support customer requirements that develop in the longer term, meaning Ensono can support your business beyond initial migration.

No time like the present

Even if you’re not ready to migrate to S/4HANA, you can still take advantage of the benefits that running SAP ERP on Azure can bring.

To find out more, including a SWOT analysis of the competitive landscape, and 451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise findings, download ‘Consulting, mainframe modernisation and SAP on Azure drive Ensono's European focus in 2020’.

To find out more, download
"Consulting, mainframe modernisation and SAP on Azure drive Ensono's European focus in 2020"

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