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Redefining VDI for the enterprise
Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop) turns everything you ever thought about Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) on its head: from total cost of ownership, through licensing and application performance to user experience.

Enhanced by Ensono and fully managed for major enterprise deployments, it’s the next generation VDI you need to power your remote workforce, deliver specialised workloads and create secure environments to get work done.
With an Ensono Windows Virtual Desktop Managed Service it’s never been easier to empower your workforce. Whether you need to facilitate BYOD, deliver access to specialised workloads, manage short-term workforce migration projects or provide a secure environment in highly regulated sectors, there is a managed Windows Virtual Desktop solution for you.

We’ve captured and codified our Windows Virtual Desktop expertise and our decades of experience managing business critical IT to create a managed service that takes care of everything.
At a glance – What’s included in the guide
Pressed for time? Take a look at what’s included, and why change is needed in end-user computing.
Read the full guide - Building VDI for the Future
Uncover the value, plan your strategy and see how Ensono delivers a true enterprise-grade solution in this guide.
Book your workshop - Uncover the business benefits
Find out with a Discovery workshop
Enhance remote working, transform user experience and simplify management with a AVD managed service that’s right for you.

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Ready for a new approach to remote working?
Find out how this modern VDI can enhance and support your ‘forever’ remote working strategies – with our AVD Discovery Workshop.
All you need to know about the AVD Discovery Workshop - in our brief workshop guide
Assess your VDI opportunity and build your business case.
Why AVD? Why now?
Deploying Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) with Ensono changes everything.
An enterprise-wide deployment of AVD offers new ways to enhance your end-user’s experience, secure your environments and manage costs.

Watch the video to find out more and read our managed service overview.

Why Ensono for AVD?
Brilliant out of the box – but enterprises need more.
Enterprises don’t always have the capabilities or resource to optimise their AVD environments. See how Ensono’s managed service and critical enhancements take a brilliant platform and make it better for you.
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Your guide to building virtual desktop infrastructure for the future
With remote working no longer a nice to have, and end-user experience critical to enterprise productivity and performance, this guide explores Microsoft’s game-changing VDI.

We analyse the key use cases, deployment and support options, and the Ensono enhancements transforming Azure Virtual Desktop for the enterprise.

For the latest insights read Building virtual desktop infrastructure for the future.
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