Connecting the business

Unlocking Digital Transformation Success

In this latest research commissioned by Ensono, in partnership with Cloud Industry Forum, we look at how the CIO can adjust to the new realities of digital transformation and accelerate business change.

The enterprise organisations that are achieving the most success with digital transformation are the ones that have successfully aligned the needs and expectations of the IT department with those in the business at large. Amongst the audience surveyed, the top three drivers for digital transformation were cost savings (70%), increased profitability (58%) and increased productivity (59%) demonstrating that transformation is still very much viewed as a business efficiency activity rather than one designed to reach new potential customers or markets.

In our report, 'Connecting the business - unlocking digital transformation success', the key findings of our research will help you:
  • Understand the primary issues and challenges that CIOs and the broader C-suite need to consider
  • Discover the conflicts that are arising as companies embark upon their digital transformation journey
  • Uncover the progress, the inhibitors, and success KPIs of digital transformation
"Digital Transformation Drivers and KPIs don't stack up"
- Simon Ratcliffe, Principal Consultant, Advisory, Ensono Europe