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What’s holding businesses back from SAP on public cloud?
Cloud offers the scalability to support flexible volumes of SAP and non-SAP workloads, and delivers the foundations for enterprise innovation by leveraging artificial intelligence, DevOps, IoT, and analytics. The opportunities are significant. So, what’s holding businesses back?
Drawing on expert commentary from partners, analysts and our own expertise, we identify the key challenges and opportunities, offer guidance and sign-post a range of services to inform, accelerate and simplify your SAP on Azure journey.
The true impact of
the SAP skills crunch
Whitepaper: The skills shortage and the cloud migration problem
Today’s businesses recognise a need to modernise SAP applications. The public cloud is becoming increasingly relevant as the foundation for this process. However, Ensono’s research of 100 SAP professionals and IT decision makers has found that migration has not been easy.

The true impact of the SAP skills crunch whitepaper shines a spotlight on the skills crisis. Discover the specific skills issues around SAP applications and cloud and strategies for addressing the skills shortage.
Overcoming the barriers
to SAP migrations
Whitepaper: Exploring the state of play in SAP
Tackling the obstacles on the road to cloud.
Ensono conducted a survey of 100 SAP professionals and IT decision makers with Vanson Bourne. Respondents were asked about their current and future SAP migrations, the driving force behind these migrations, and how SAP applications are currently being utilised. You can find all the answers – including what they are hoping to achieve, and perhaps most importantly, whether they will succeed in the report.
Infographic: Illustrating the case for migration
With SAP migration critical to success, business leaders share their priorities when planning a move to cloud.

Five Steps to leveraging the power of SAP on Azure

Whether you’re migrating to S/4HANA, or streamlining your existing estate, our 5-step approach will de-risks your move to cloud.

Accelerate your move with Ensono Managed SAP on Azure
Because every journey is unique, Ensono’s SAP on Azure service offers the right support you need, when you need it.
Break down the barriers
with Ensono
The Ensono SAP on Azure Quick Start offer* helps you decide whether migrating to Azure is a viable option.

*Offer subject to availability until 31.12.21
Learn more about Ensono's
Quick Start

Read the one page overview to see if the Ensono SAP on Azure Quick Start offer is right for you.

Whitepaper: Migrating ERP to the cloud
Computing uncovers the opportunity, risk and challenges 
ERP systems are central to the management of day-to-day business activities, so the thought of migrating ERP to the cloud is often met with hesitancy due to perceived risk given the criticality of such systems.

This whitepaper explores the role cloud migration plays in organisations’ digital transformation journeys, and asks whether the opportunities created by moving ERP to the public cloud environment outweigh the risks and challenges.
Blog series; Migration perspectives from the experts
Because there’s no such thing as a typical migration, Ensono and industry experts share their experiences to help guide your success.
What’s slowing the move to S/4HANA?
Oliver Presland discusses the migration barriers of business case and skills shortages and how to break through them.
SAP Architecture: differences in Azure
Marcus Brandl gets into the technical aspects of migration, focusing on changes in core NetWeaver components.
What does business-critical mean?
Simon Ratcliffe asks how we define different levels of ‘critical’ in your business critical SAP environment.
Simplify your SAP migration journey
Sean Roberts goes on a journey from discovery to migration to highlight how to simplify your SAP transformation.
Workforce issues holding you back?
Simon Ratcliffe asks if a lack of skills is putting the brakes on your SAP migration and looks at what you can do about it.
Press Release: Ensono selected for Arco’s SAP on Azure migration
Arco has selected Ensono to migrate its SAP infrastructure onto Azure enabling the company to develop its eCommerce platform and continue to operate as it relocates to new, multimillion pound headquarters.
Ensono SAP on Azure
webinar series
SAP on Azure: Your technical journey
Discussing the techniques and approaches for migrating SAP to Azure – to make your project a success.
Arco migrates entire on-premise SAP estate to Azure
Opening up exciting cloud computing opportunities to create a fully digitally integrated business. Enabling Arco to develop new generation applications that would help the company keep pace in the evolving retail space. Read the case study to find out more.
Know before you go
Ensono SAP on Azure Quick Start makes your migration planning easy
Planning your SAP migration can be complex. Let Ensono do the hard work for you. Watch how our ‘art of the possible’ assessment uncovers your potential benefits, business case and roadmap for success.

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Building your business case

What does it take to build a business case and extend the value of SAP on Azure services? Our experts provide the answers.
Selecting the right migration path
What are the key considerations and potential pitfalls for migrating SAP to the cloud? We look at what’s right for you.
Transforming mission-critical applications
What does ‘mission critical’ mean, why does it matter, and how do you de-risk change? We offer an experienced perspective.
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